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Don't get hacked or lose control of site.

Suffering a hack can be one of the more frustrating experiences you’ll have on your online journey and if your site goes down it can effect you income to. 
Maintain your sanity and prevent these common online threats:

Malware distribution
Search engine poisoning
Phishing lures
Spam email
Data Exfiltration

We'll secure your site with:

• Website backed up daily
• Uptime Monitored 24/7
• Firewall hacking prevention
• Spam / Mailware blocking
• Optimised for speed

Rest easy knowing your site is watched over by the experts

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Themes Updator

Your WordPress theme can, at times, play havoc. It’s ok though, we know how to sort it even before it goes wrong, and we’ll keep it bang up to date too. You’re welcome.

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