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Here’s a selection of the kind of
things we can help you with:

monthly wordpress support

Make your site faster, improving your prospect’s experience

A slow loading site WILL lose you potential customers. It’s a fact. The longer the loading process takes, the more prospects you’ll lose. With FreedomWP, we can regularly improve the speed of your site, meaning that every visitor gets a great experience when they check you out.

Wordpress Security

Lock out the hackers, and protect your site from destruction

Your site is a hugely important asset in your business, and if it suddenly blew up tomorrow, the chances are it’d have a major impact. That’s why we fight tooth and nail to make your site as secure as possible, protecting that asset and helping to keep your business afloat.

wordpress maintenance services

Uploading and managing your content - build your reputation

Google loves a regularly updated website, but the problem is that you’ve only got limited time to update yours, and adding content to each page and embedding videos takes time. So why not let us do it for you? We’ll manage your posts, upload your blogs, podcasts and videos and change and edit your products.

best wordpress maintenance services

Connect up your marketing - improve your lead generation and sales

Whatever CRM or tracking tools you’re using, we can connect them all to your website for you, improving your marketing and making it as easy as possible for you to generate, nurture and close leads.

best wordpress maintenance services

Making it pretty – elevating your prospects’ view of your business

When beauty meets function, good things happen. That’s why we’ll work with you to get your site into shape, so all your visitors are impressed from the moment they land on your site

premium wordpress support

Giving it some extra power to be a better business tool for you and your prospects

Plugins and functionality are our thing, want to add some power to your site, whether it's adding e-commerce, memberships or making it more feature rich we can source and set up any functionality you need

You probably get the gist – at FreedomWP we can help you with every single element of your WordPress Website to improve it, working on it and helping it to work better for you.

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