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Stop spending countless hours faffing around with your WordPress website…

Just let us do it for you, leaving you free to focus on doing what you do best.

Does any of this sound familiar when it comes to your website?

  • You're embarrassed by your website, and you don't feel it represents you in the right light...
  • You've spent countless hours trying to build your site, and you're sick of the frustration of wrestling with code & battling tech gremlins...
  • You're not getting the sales results you want from your website...
  • You’re struggling to stay on top of the seemingly endless list of tasks you need to deal with to successfully market your website...
  • You finally want to break free from the time shackles of your website management ...

Do you want to focus on what you love doing best?

Unless your a web developer or web master you shouldn't be wasting your time messing with your website. You should be growing your business. Free up your time and let us handle the tech behind your businesse's essential marketing tool.

Our WordPress exp…(who are we kidding) GEEKS know how frustrating WordPress can be to manage and keep updated, especially when something goes wrong and you have no idea whats going on, it all becomes an overwhelming technical mumbo jumbo.

When we say you’re in safe hands with us, we mean it. We’ll always ensure your website is cared for to the highest standard and any issues will be resolved as quickly as possible.

With a dedicated team of WordPress developers, you can get your site sorted and then use the time to focus on growing your business.

For a small monthly investment, we can work on every element of your WordPress website for you, so you can say goodbye to all those hours of hassle, because you don’t need the stress trying to work out how to do things yourself.

Scroll down to understand exactly what FreedomWP can do for you, how it works and how to get started.

Here’s a selection of the kind of things we can help you with:

We can help you with every single element of your WordPress Website to improve it, so it works better as a tool to help you close more sales.

monthly wordpress support

Make your site faster

Wordpress Security

Lock out

Woocommerce Support

Increase your sales

Wordpress SEO Support

Improve your SEO

best wordpress maintenance services

Connect your marketing tools

Wordpress Marketing Support

Boost conversions

Reduce Your Website Bounce Rate

Reduce your bounce rates

premium wordpress support

Install and set up plugins

Here’s FreedomWP works:

Once you’ve joined FreedomWP using the service is as easy as pie:

wordpress support services


via email or our ticketing system

wordpress maintenance retainer


we'll keep you updated as we go

wordpress website management services


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No hassle, no faff, no time on hold wanting to tear your eyes out.

100+ business owners trust us to give them the
freedom they need from their website...

"If you're serious about growing the brand of you then you should not be messing around with your website"

If you're serious about growing the brand of you then you should not be messing around with your website. I'm too busy building my businesses, which is why I have FreedomWP taking care of my website business! Month in, month out, they over delver. I'd be lost without them!
Chris Ducker - WordPress support client

"I now have peace of mind and security that my website is in safe hands and my billing has gone through the roof!"

I used to stay awake at night worrying about my websites, I knew they didn't represent my brand properly. I now have peace of mind and security that my website is in safe hands and my monthly billing has gone through the roof!

GET FREEDOM from your WordPress website

Save Time - Reduce Stress - Make More Money

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